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tcpbin(1): TCP/UDP Request & Response Service

Created by Kong



This project has been started to help testing TCP and UDP requests in a very easy way. It is very useful for seeing what your clients are sending to TCP/UDP servers and debug problems. It can also be used for mock integration tests.


$ echo "Text to send to TCP" | nc 30000

Text to send to TCP

$ echo "Get some TCP info" | nc 30001

  "client-ip": "::ffff:",
  "data": [71,101,116,32,115,111,109,101,32,84,67,80,32,105,110,102,111,10],
  "text-data": "Get some TCP info\n",
  "size": 18

$ echo -n "Text to send to UDP" | nc -4u -w1 40000

Text to send to UDP

$ echo -n "Get some UDP info" | nc -4u -w1 40001

  "client-ip": "::ffff:",
  "data": [71,101,116,32,115,111,109,101,32,85,68,80,32,105,110,102,111],
  "text-data": "Get some UDP info",
  "size": 17


A Kong project.

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